How Fall Changes my Running Habits

22 Oct

Fall brings with it beautiful foliage, cooler weather and darker days….and usually a change to my running habits.

Here’s a look at how my running has changed with Fall having arrived in Ottawa in full force:

Tuesday –  Really short 4km shake out run on the treadmill in the evening.

This lovely treadmill has endured a lot of miles and has lasted far longer than I expected it would (it’s 5 years old and was a relatively inexpensive Canadian Tire machine).

The treadmill gets very little use in the summer as I can run outside nearly everyday. Once Fall hits, it sometimes gets too cold, too dark and too dangerous to run outside. As prepared as I am to run in the colder weather (and Ottawa certainly gets a lot of it!) I am less keen to run alone outside in the dark. After finishing work for the day and getting home, I tend to run out of time to run outside before the sun sets.

I’m not looking forward to moving all my weekday runs to the treadmill, but at least I have some more entertainment this year that I’ve had in the past (…my husband’s Ipad!)

 Thursday – Fast 7km run along the Rideau Canal in Ottawa.

One of my favorite after work running routes- it’s near my office and I enjoy this route whenever I can in the summer. As the days get shorter and colder, I thought this might be one of my last chances to enjoy an after work run along the canal, so made the most of it and pushed out a fast, fun 7km run.

Saturday – 10km long run around my neighborhood.

Despite Fall doing its best to cut down on my weekday outdoor runs, it never manages to completely eliminate all outdoor runs for me. I like to get a longer run or two in on the weekend, and that was just what I did this Saturday.

The sun even surprised us on Saturday and peeked out just in time for my 10km run around Orleans – unexpected so I took full advantage of it!

And that is a quick glimpse at how my running habits change in the Fall.



One Response to “How Fall Changes my Running Habits”

  1. Britta October 30, 2012 at 4:32 am #

    I LOVE running in the fall, its probably one of my favourite times of year to run! Especially in Ottawa – so gorgeous! Somehow my running doesn’t change all that much in the fall other than the fact that I wear more clothing! I’m still hitting the canal on a regular basis but if I had a treadmill I would probably make good use of it too on those colder days!

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