Cookie Run 5km Race Recap

5 Nov

The Cookie Run 5km was on Saturday, November 3rd and it marked my 12th race of 2012. My goal for 2012 was/is to run one race a month, but since I missed January (only having come up with this goal in February), I knew I had to double up on races one of the months to get to my total of 12.

Instead, I doubled up twice and am already at 12 without even getting to December yet. I did two races in September (the Canadian 8km Race on September 1st  and the Terry Fox Run 5km on September 16th) and two races in October (the Fall Colours 10km Race on October 7th and Rattle Me Bones 5km on October 28th).

Even though, I have reached my goal of 12 races in 2012, I still plan to honour my “one race a month” goal by toughing it out for a December run (blog post on which race I choose to come soon).

All that is to say that on this past Saturday, I ran my 12th race of the year and it was the Cookie Run 5km. My goals going into this race were quite different than last week’s Rattle Me Bones 5km race.

I encouraged an old friend of mine to sign up for the Cookie Run and when she did, I decided I would run with her. We had spent years running together in high school and probably hadn’t gone for a run together since then. We hadn’t actually spent a whole lot of time together since those days so I decided to throw any time goals I might have originally had for this race out the window and just enjoy the company, the catching up and the run, at whatever pace worked for us.

Start Line

Race day was a chilly, windy one with temperatures just above zero so dressing appropriately (warm enough but not overdressed) was important. My cheering squad/photographer/warm clothes holder of a husband made it out the race so I had the luxury of staying warm right up until we took off at the start line where I threw him my sweater and jacket to hold until I finished.

The race was held at the National Research Council in Ottawa and took us all around their Montreal Road campus in what was a bit of a zigzagging route. Luckily I wasn’t running for a PR, otherwise, with the crowds and the number of turns, it may have been tricky.

My friend and I started off at a bit of a  slow pace (partly due to the small hill right off the bat and the crowded route and partly just getting used to a good pace that worked for both of us). We gradually picked up the pace as we moved along and chatted, catching up on each other’s lives the entire way.

My friend and I sprinting to the Finish Line

We had enough left in the tank for a strong sprint to the finish, even passing a few other runners along the final stretch. The race was not chip timed but I think we finished somewhere around 28:30. It was a decent run considering my friend was getting back into the swing of running and we spent the entire 5km chatting.

Check out the short video my husband put together of the race start and some race photos: 

All in all, I must say that this was one of the most enjoyable races I have run – definitely the least painful! There’s something to say about catching up with an old friend, doing something you used to do together over a decade ago…..oh, and the Girl Guide cookies they gave out at the finish line didn’t hurt either! 😉



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