Social Media and Running

20 Nov




Social media is everywhere and I, for the most part, have begun to embrace it within my own life.

It has allowed me to connect with this enormous running community out there that I didn’t even fully know existed. Recently, through this social media world of running, I have had some exciting experiences/occurrences to share:

1) Facebook – I very rarely am on Facebook these days, but a few months ago I entered a contest on the Saucony Canada Facebook page to win a new pair of their Guide 6 shoes.

To my surprise, I actually won the contest and in early November, a shiny, new pair of them arrived at my front door! (Thank you Saucony Canada!)

I have only run in them once, but a full shoe review is to come once I get some more wear out of them.

2) Twitter – I am relatively new to Twitter, and must admit, I am not the most active. Case in point, it took me 6 months before I registered my first tweet, but I have since been improving!

Recently, I received an email that I had new follower to my Twitter account; I opened it up to read that Ray Zahab was now following me on Twitter! For those who don’t know, Ray Zahab is an amazing ultra runner and difference maker…so I was a little excited to see that he was now following me (granted, he was also following some 3221 others, but that’s ok!)

3) Blogosphere: Just like Twitter, I am relatively new to the blog world in terms of writing my own blog, but I have been reading others’ blogs for some time before I took the plunge myself.

One of my favorite bloggers, NYC Running Mama, is doing something unique and fantastic through her social media network. As a Staten Island resident, she has seen the devastation to that area caused by Hurricane Sandy and wanted to do something to help.

She has organized a Virtual Race to raise funds for the relief efforts, and named it the Race for Recovery.

Not only has she solicited 40 incredible prizes from some of the great running companies out there , but she even has downloadable race bibs available to participants.

I will be participating on December 8th and I truly commend NYC Running Mama on such an innovative and meaningful project.

If anyone else is interested in participating, you can visit her blog for more details:

All in all, I would say that, of late, social media has brought me some great new shoes, some motivation to put out some impressive/entertaining tweets for my new followers and some inspiration to make a bit of difference in my own corner of the world.



2 Responses to “Social Media and Running”

  1. rebeccaw7 November 27, 2012 at 8:02 pm #

    Social media was a very big reason why I even started running! Kind of saw that everyone else was doing it/read about peoples’ stories and before I knew it I was starting to run 🙂

  2. thewindykitchen December 6, 2012 at 10:28 pm #

    Congrats on winning the shoes!!! just got a twitter account yesterday after feeling that I was lagging behind in the virtual world. today, I finally downloaded a QR code scanner, so I am getting there, one step at a time 🙂

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