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Running in Canada

3 May

Last summer I did a lot of traveling in Canada and took the opportunity to run in as many different Canadian communities as I could. I love running when I travel (hence the origins of this blog), and I hope to keep it up again this summer as I have a few more trips planned.

Last summer I didn’t have a chance to post a blog about every Canadian province and city/town I ran in, so I wanted to include a bit of a wrap up here:

Province: Quebec   –     Community: Sherbrooke

I was in Sherbrooke, Quebec in August 2013 visiting my husband who had been there for 3 weeks for the 2013 Canada Summer Games. I was training for the Scotiabank Toronto Waterfront Half Marathon at the time and had a long run scheduled for when I was in Sherbrooke, so I set out early one morning to tackle the paths in Parc Jacques Cartier.


It was a beautiful August morning and not really knowing where I was going in Sherbrooke, I thought it was easiest to stick to the Parc and the pathways in it.


The scenery in the Parc was beautiful. I had to do a couple loops of the paths to get in the mileage but since it was around a gorgeous lake, I did not mind.


Province: British Columbia      –     Community: Whistler

After my short stay in Sherbrooke, my husband and I headed west to British Columbia. We had never been to Whistler so headed there are a few days and needless to say, loved it.


There are so many trail in Whistler that there was no shortage of places to run. I headed out on the trails as my husband set out on a mountain bike.


Before long, I was in the woods and greeted by gorgeous lakes and mountains – certainly not what I am used to see living in Eastern Canada.


I loved running in Whistler. I was lucky enough to have a perfect day and hope to get back there one day,


Province: British Columbia       –      Community: Vancouver

From Whistler, we headed to Vancouver for a few more days and I certainly did not want to miss my opportunity to run in that great city. I knew I wanted my first run there to be around Stanley Park and as we were staying right downtown this was not going to be a problem.


I started near the Olympic Cauldron and headed for the one and only Stanley Park.


I had been to Stanley Park a few times but never on the run. I would love to live in Vancouver for the simple fact that they can run outside year round without as much hassle as we have in Ottawa.


The path was as crowded with runners, cyclists, walkers and tourists as you would expect for a mid-August day but that didn’t take away from any of my enjoyment of the run.

I ended my run at English Bay and loved that there was a beach so close to the downtown. IMG_1815

I had a few other runs in Vancouver throughout various parts of the city but didn’t have a camera with me to document it. I think Vancouver and Whistler are certainly a runner or any outdoor enthusiasts’ dream.

Province: Prince Edward Island        –     Community: Lakeside

I also ran in Prince Edward Island this summer and blogged about it here. I’ve mentioned it on the blog before but this is probably one of my favorite places in Canada, Lakeside Beach, a place that I have run since I was a child and somewhere I hope to continue to run (or walk) until I am in my old age…..I never tire of this place….


So that recaps my cross Canada running adventures last summer. Stay tuned for this summer as I venture both east (to Newfoundland) and west (back to Vancouver).

I think it’s time I make a new running goal. I don’t have a time frame for this but I would like to make it my goal to run in every Canadian province – if I can make that a race in every province, even better. So, if you know of any awesome races in Canadian cities or can share any of your favorite running routes, please let me know so that I can reach this goal!



Running in Prince Edward Island

16 Sep

My parents have a cottage in Prince Edward Island that they drive to and from Montreal every summer. My Dad is from PEI originally and as kids we would spend our entire summers there.


As we got older, and now, have our own lives, careers and families, I haven’t been able to get down there as much.

Up until mid-August, I hadn’t made it to PEI at all this year, nor had I had it in my plans to go. That is until my mom phoned me on my first morning of vacation to let me know that my Dad had a detached retina and had to get back to Montreal as soon as possible.

Since my mom doesn’t drive much, I immediately booked a flight to PEI for later that day, packed up my bags and headed to PEI for what would be my shortest trip on the Island on record!


My adorable parents

I spent a total of 12 hours there (with about 6-7 of them spent sleeping) before driving my parents 14 hours straight back to Montreal. But in that short time, I did manage one AMAZING run on the beach that I spend most of my childhood summer’s on….Lakeside Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!


I woke up early to a bright, sunny day. Temperature was perfect – not too hot, not too cold. I had thrown some running clothes in my bag at the last second before I left my house in Ottawa, and I was so happy I made that decision!


The beach is probably under 500m from my parent’s cottage, so I was running on sand in no time.


Not many people were on the beach at this time, which made it nice for running. Those that were there gave the typical friendly wave or hello and carried on with their morning.


I couldn’t believe I was actually there and enjoying such a wonderful, calm serene morning on the beach. Less than 24 hours before I was in Ottawa with no plans to even leave the house that day!


I didn’t run for very long as I knew I had a long day ahead of me, but I managed just enough time to fall in love with running on Lakeside beach all over again and develop a longing to go back and do it every day!



Running Advent Calendar – Day 1 – Lakeside, PEI, Canada

1 Dec

December has arrived; not sure where November went at all, but alas, December is here. 25 Days until Christmas!

For the next 24 days, I have a special Running Advent Calendar to share. Borrowing this wonderful idea from Carina at how crriena runs, and fitting perfectly with the premise of this “Running in Transit” blog, I will be sharing 24 different running routes from around the world – some I have run and some I hope to run one day in the future.

To start this off, Day 1 takes me to one of my favorite places in the world and one of my favorite places to run…Lakeside, Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Lakeside Beach

My dad grew up in Prince Edward Island, and later purchased a cottage in Lakeside, where we spent all of our summers growing up and continue to go back even though my siblings and I are all now older and are starting families of our own.

Our cottage is 500m from the ocean, so as kids we spent a lot of time there running around. As I got older and still to this day whenever I am there, I like to spend some my mornings running down to the beach and heading east or west depending on my mood for a 25-45 minute run.


The beach is incredibly beautiful and serene in the morning and perfect for a nice, summer run. Mornings are never too hot and there is usually some kind of breeze coming off the water to keep you at an ideal running temperature, all the while enjoying a wonderfully scenic view.

If I could go back there to run right now, I certainly would!

Stay tuned for Day 2 of the Running Advent Calendar tomorrow.