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Running in Vancouver

6 Jul

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of traveling out to Vancouver for work for a week. As Vancouver is one of my favorite places to run, I excitedly packed my running gear and planned to get in several runs while out there.

I typically run on my own but a colleague of mine convinced me to let him tag along. I knew I could maintain roughly the same pace so I reluctantly agreed.

As it turns out, I ran stronger running with someone else, had a good chat with a colleague and had someone with me who could take my photo in beautiful, scenic Vancouver! Definitely beats out the million running selfies I have taken myself.


Work had us staying at the Sutton Place Hotel on Burrard, right downtown. Having been to (and run in) Vancouver before, I lead my colleague on our run. On the first day, I headed down Burrard towards the harbour and ran along the waterfront until we reached Stanley Park and the Seawall.


We ran along the water (and stop as I posed for the photograph above) and then looped back through the park for our return. Stanley Park is an absolutely beautiful place to run. For anyone traveling to Vancouver, I highly recommend running, walking or biking through the Park. A must see in the city.

On our second run, we took off on Burrard in the opposite direction towards the Burrard Street Bridge. We took the stairs just under the bridge to run along the water towards Stanley Park. I wanted to run by the beaches in the area and happily past English Bay Beach and Sunset Beach. It was a windy day and the entire first half of the run along the water felt like running into a wall. Good thing the view was nice!


My third run was a solo run. I didn’t have my photographer with me that morning and didn’t want to take any running selfies this time. That day I headed out towards the Burrard Street Bridge again but instead of going towards Stanley Park, I turned the opposite way and ran along the water all the way to Science World.

I passed amazing looking waterfront condos and imagined what it would be like to live there and runs these routes year round! Then I snapped back to reality realizing I could NEVER afford to live there but could happily settle for running these amazing routes every time I visit this great city!

From Vancouver,  I flew directly to Newfoundland and of course managed to sneak a couple runs in there too – stay tuned for that recap!




Running Advent Calendar – Day 9 – Stanley Park, Vancouver, Canada

9 Dec

It’s now Day 9 of my Running Advent Calendar (24 different running routes from around the world in 24 days) and after exploring some international routes the past few days, I bring it back to my home country of Canada – this time to Vancouver, British Columbia, specifically to Stanley Park.


Based on many of my past posts, it would appear that I have a great affinity for running in large, urban parks. Stanley Park is another one of those – and what an amazing park it is.


I have traveled to Vancouver twice and had the great opportunity to spend almost an entire day walking through Stanley Park with a friend. I have yet to run in the park, but thankfully was able to appreciate all that it offered on a walk.

I might be in Vancouver next summer so will certainly bring the running shoes and get out there for a run.

From what I remember, the seawall was a beautiful spot for a waterfront run, and the trails within the park offered spectacular views of the natural West Coast rainforest. The trees were by far the biggest trees I had ever seen in my life.

Trees in Stanley Park

The park is said to be bigger than Central Park, and is conveniently located near the downtown core of the city, making it easily accessible if that’s where you are staying.

This is most definitely a running route I hope to tackle one day in the near future!

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